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Adolfström Stugby, grayling and trout fishing in river Laisälven, Yraft, Mittisjön, Laddve, Lomtjärn, Gaitsjaur, Rappasjöarna, Lutaure.

Ammarnäs Inn/Fishing Centre/FishYourDream, offer guide service in waters surrounding Ammarnäs. River Vindelälven, river Tjulån, river Ältsån and many lakes and tarns.

Arctic Heli, arranges fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities in northern Lappland

Destination Lapland Pike, have you ever dreamed of pike fishing in Swedish Lapland? We are proud to introduce the concept of the Destination Lapland Pike. We offer several top-class pike destinations, starting 350 km north of Arlanda Aiport. In Lapland we have a camp in Gäddträsk just south of Lycksele.

Lainio Vildmark (Camp Tystnaden)

Lapland Flyfishing Guided Tours
All inclusive Fishing trips to river Kaitum. Fantastic fishing on river Kaitum in Swedish Lapland. With experienced fishing guides you will be presented for the best fishing and nature in the Swedish wilderness of Lapland.

Miekak Jakt & Fiskecamp, Hunting and fishing camp in midwest Lappland, river Piteälven

Saxnäsgården Hotel & Conference fishing guideservice Ransarån, Satsån, Lake Ransaren, Lake Gikasjön, Kultsjöån, Lake Kultsjön, Bielite, Marsån.

Tjuonajokk Fishing Camp

Virisen Lappland, trout and char fishing in river Granån an lake Virisen

Vuoggatjålme, plenty of fishing opportunities at the Polar Circle, road 95.

Vuonatjvikens Cabin Village, guided fishing in Arjeplog mountain area, fishing in lake Misjka, lake Riebnes, river Bartekälven, lake Gåbdok. Also helicopter airservice.

Strimasund Friluftsliv fishing guideservice at lake Över-Uman and surrounding mountain region.

Lapland Tourist & Service, guided fishing trips, catamaran fishingtrips, snowmobile ice fishing trips out in the wilderness.


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Virisen Lappland

Guided fishing trips in the middle of Västerbotten County (in Lappland) Mountain region.

Virisen LaplandRiver Granån, an approx. 2 km long flyfishing stretch (OBS! only available for 50 permits/year), and only between 1/6 - 31/8, must make a reservation no later than 15/6. Fishing for trout and char. You can choose between hiring a guide/hour or if you prefere you can order a complete fishing package with guide, lodging and meals. We are also arranging guided trips on lake Virisen and to tarns located nearby.

See link for guide offer:

All is arranged by:
Virisen Lappland

Contact persons: Tomas and Gunilla Olofsson.
Address and phone number



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Lapland Flyfishing Guided Tours

All inclusive Fishing trips to river Kaitum

Join us for fantastic fishing on river Kaitum in Swedish Lapland. Together with experienced fishing guides you will be presented for the best fishing and nature in the Swedish wilderness of Lapland.

We offer all inclusive trips, we take care of everything. All you have to is fishing all day long.

Great grayling fishing at Lapland Flyfishing Guided Tours

We fly out to river in helicopter, and after boarding our rafting boats we drift down stream. We stay in comfortable tent huts along the best fishing stretches. Rich and good food will be served, all cooked over open fire.

Visit our website for more info:

Contact person: Pontus Lundin

Contact info:
Nordvatten AB
Staketgränd 6a
SE-54130 Skövde

Phone: +46 (0)739409866


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Arctic Heli, Adventure in Lapland

We offer adventures all year round for fishermen, hunters and other outdoor people. We provide you with fishing, hunting, canoing, wilderness adventure, accommodation and conference service.

In Swedish Lappland do you as a fishermen have all chances to experience high quality fishing.

With helicopter we will bring you out in remote wilderness. Well known fishing areas as Sandåslandet and river Kaitum but also to our secret fishing spots where you fish alone. In the wilderness you will be accommodated in tents, lappish hut, mountain cabins or at our fishing camp. Both fishing for grayling and char are world class. Our professional guides garantuee you to have the best fishing possible.

Feel free to construct your own fishing trip, just let us know your wishes and we will do our best to tailor make a package deal for you.

Arctic Heli is located in central of Swedish Lappland. We have our own guides, pilots, reservation personel. We all work hard to get you the best experience possible.

We can offer several accommodation possibilities; wilderness cabins at lake Rostujávri, Máttaráhkká - Northern Lights Lodge in Kiruna, Camp Ripan with hotel cabins or caravan seats. Here we also have a high class restaurant.

Read more about our service at our website:

Contact person: Andreas Mikko

Contact info:
Arctic Heli
Skolgatan 16H
SE-981 31 Kiruna

Phone: +46 (0)70-3811162


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Adolfström Shop & Holiday Village

Fishing, hunting and hiking guide service in midwest Lappland.

Recreation center, fishing camp, cabins. Grayling, char and trout fishing in river Laisälven, Yraft, Mittisjön, Laddve, Lomtjärn, Gaitsjaur, Rappasjöarna, Lutaure.

We can offer fishing, hunting and snowmobile trips. Fishing for char are easily accessible in the waters adjacent to the village, and in the mountain lakes, both char and trout are waiting. Between the lakes there are excellent streaming waters for fishing or canoeing.

Fishing week at river Laisälven:
6-bed cottage with all conveniences awaiting. River Laisälven fantastic fishing as well. You start in the vicinity of the cottage and can then walk and fish for a couple of miles up the river Laisälven. Access to boats in three lakes and canoes in the river. Then it is only to catch trout and char.

Also boat and canoe rental in river Laisälven and others

Contact persons: Marianne & Caroline Thorfve
Address and phone nr:


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Lapland Tourist & Service

We arrange fishing trips both summer and winter. We take you on a catamaran tour down stream rivers or in winter time on a snowmobile trip for ice fishing far out in the wilderness.

At summer we take you on a fishing trip downstream big rivers in fishing catamarans, we head out on the cold river, the river changes between rapid streams and calm waters. We can fish from the catamarans to easier cover the large and wide streams, or make a stop and wade out in the river with chest high waders. We angle in these fresh cold waters for salmon trout, grayling, white fish and pike. Our accommodation is wilderness cabins and tent huts. At some camps we have the opportunity to sauna. Our local experienced fishing guide provides us with fishing licence, catamarans and warm sleeping bags. We prepare our local lapish wilderness meals.

At winter we offer splended snowmobile tours with startingpoint at Kiruna city. An adventure to the snow covered lakes at the Swedish lapland tundra. Where you have the unique chance to also get to overnight in a camp made as a squered tenthut. Our guide provides us with warm sleeping bags and warm winter equipment. During these days we learn to icefish.We prepare our meals local lapish menues suitable for wilderness lifestyle. We fish for trout, perch, pike and char

Read more about what we offer on our website:

Contact person: Leif Romark
Phone: +46 (0)705-496547


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